Download Ultimate Edition 3.4 LTS

TheeMahn, pengembang distribusi Linux Ultimate Edition telah mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis terbaru Ultimate Edition 3.4 LTS.

Ultimate Edition 3.4 kini didasarkan pada rilis Ubuntu LTS terbaru Ubuntu 12.04. Membawa berbagai peningkatan yang telah tersedia untuk 12.04, Ultimate Edition datang bersama berbagai antar muka. Unity, Cinnamon, XBMC, GNOME Classic, GNOME 3 dengan GNOME Shell, serta sesi GNOME Fallback telah disertakan dalam paket DVD baik untuk versi 32-bit maupun 64-bit.

"I have really placed thought and diligence into what this product is. This is no Ultimate Edition 3.2, while I had initial good feed back on. I developed Ultimate Edition 3.2 to showcase new and upcoming technologies, not as a stable platform."

"Ultimate Edition 3.4 takes things to a whole new level. It was developed with stability in mind, sorry KDE users, we will catch you in Ultmate Edition 3.5. This O/S will be my primary O/S for some time to come. That statement alone says alot for my feeling on this operating system,"
demikian disampaikan dalam pengumuman rilis.

Download Ultimate Edition 3.4.

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